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Overcoming Bondage is a business that provides Coaching  to the Mind Body And Soul. To become more effective in areas of life that needs growth/improvement. We all have room for growth to become better Individuals and to be better to yourself and others. Coaching is a healing prospect of becoming a better you, with healing from the inside out. Emotional Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Physical Coaching are the different type of Coaching that Overcoming Bondage offer. We also offer Coaching for One on One (Individual  Men and Woman)  Woman Groups,  Teenage Pregnancy, Marriage and Divorce Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Women Empowerments Groups, Domestic Violence Victims and Awareness, Church Hurt, Shelters Placements Connections.

Reveal the problems, Remove the pain, Repair you heart, Replace your hurts, Restore your self worth and wellness, are some of the methods that Overcoming Bondage use as a therapy treatment for our clients.  

Helping navigate individuals lives into a positive direction while facing life challenging and changing times. We all are bond by something, but with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are all overcomer as well. Overcoming Bondage is here for you.